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About Us

Learning with Pleasure,

Treasure for Life



PlayHub is a one-stop innovation centre with an

ever-growing selection of globally-recognised enrichment programmes for children of ages 3 to 12 years old.

Here at PlayHub, we aim to make learning fun and meaningful for children. We strongly believe that every child deserves to discover the joy in learning and to realise the usefulness of education in everyday life.

Established since 2013, we are best known for our

Fun Maths programme, which has made an impact

on the lives of over 1, 000 children in the last 8 years.


"If we do not create the automation,

we will be replaced by it."

The 4th Industrial Revolution: The AI Generation

In a future run by technology

where 40% of jobs will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence (AI), 

and competition will be tougher than ever,

how can our children stand apart from the crowd?

What skills will be needed?

What knowledge must they learn?

To compete not just with peers, but also with robots.

Will their current education be able to fulfil their needs?

"To prepare our children for a technology-driven future, 

we must first begin with their way of thinking and viewing the world."

Here at PlayHub,  it is our vision to make that sort of difference.

Our Vision

To raise kids who are not just able

to adapt to the changing world, but

are able to change the world themselves.

Our Mission

To engage students in fun learning programmes that enhance their problem-solving, creative & critical-thinking, strategy-planning & decision-making skills.

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