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PlayHub Fun Maths

Brighter Minds, Easier Maths


PlayHub Fun Maths is an award-winning 

game-based, creative critical-thinking Maths programme for children of ages 3 to 12. 

Developed internationally by a group of professional Mathematicians, it is the only complete hands-on Maths enrichment programme in Malaysia.

Exciting Story-telling

Every unit in the PlayHub Fun Maths curriculum begins with an engaging story which:

  • Captures children's interest and inspires curiosity for them to learn.

  • Highlights the relevance and the importance of Maths in our everyday lives.


Captivating Workbooks

Featuring comprehensive workbooks for ages 3 to 12 with activities developed to:

  • Engage students' interest

  • Enhance understanding of Maths concepts

  • Reinforce Maths knowledge & skills


Hands-on Learning

Learning is made fun and interactive with:

  • High-quality wooden manipulatives for learners to touch, explore, think & discover with

  • Colourful & attractive manipulatives which are able to engage & stimulate learners' interest


Interactive Maths Games

Each chapter in the Fun Maths activity books is summarised with a game that:

  • Reinforces the Maths concept(s) that the chapter has introduced

  • Acts as a means of assessment to determine how much learners have understood the topic

  • Encourages social skills, problem-solving skills & positive character-building

Complete Maths Syllabus

The PlayHub Fun Maths curriculum:

  • Covers all fundamental topics that your child is expected to learn by age

  • Includes localised learning syllabus for Chinese-medium/English-medium National & International schools

  • Offers options for advanced Maths & Creative Critical-Thinking

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